Rendering of the new Dental Clinic addition

The Montana Legislature approved $4.25 million in 2019 to expand the dental area at Great Falls College MSU for dental hygiene and assistant students. While the $4.25 million will build the new clinic building, it does not cover the costs to equip the fully functioning dental clinic. This leaves Great Falls College to raise an additional $800,000. The expanded dental facility will break ground this fall and be ready for 2021-2022 school year.

The expansion will:

Allow Great Falls College to accept 25 dental hygiene students in each cohort instead of 18 to better address the shortage of hygienists in Montana. Hygienists can earn $50,000 a year upon graduation.

Increase the number of operatoriesfrom 16 to 25 and increase the square footage of each operatory from 52 square feet to ll 5 square feet. The increased square footage will provide a better experience for students and instructors, as well as increase patient privacy. The new operatories will better mimic what students will find in modern dental offices.

Provide a centralized ster-ilization station and layout more consistent with what our students will experience when they go to work in a dental office.

Modernize and expand space for Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene programs 181

Enhance patient privacy and comfort in a spacious recep-tion area.

Give the students a com-fortable and relaxed common space in which to congregate when the reception area is not in use by patients.

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Images and Artist Renderings

Images and Artist Renderings

Student Quotes

Daniel and Jacki Seymour

Daniel and Jacki Seymour
Dental Hygiene class of 2018

“We made some of our best friends in the program, still to this today. You go through so much.”

– Jacki Seymour

“The pay is great. You get a lot of time off -- three-day weekends mostly. It’s just a great career.”

– Daniel Seymour

Ashley Nemitz

Ashley Nemitz
Dental Assisting class of 2008

“I love this career. Helping someone in pain feel better, helping someone smile and feel confident for the first time in a long time, hold someone’s hand and helping someone overcome their fear, I am very passionate about it.”

– Ashley Nemitz

Kyani St. Goddard

Kyani St. Goddard
Current Dental Hygiene student

“I chose Great Falls College because affordability and small class sizes matter. We have more one-on-one with instructors, hands-on learning and interaction with our peers. It is the right choice for me as I pursue my career.”

– Kyani St. Goddard