Lifelong Learning during COVID-19 FAQs


Q: Is Lifelong Learning open?
 A: At this time, Lifelong Learning is not open to the public but we are still registering people for summer camps/classes by phone, email, and mail, We will be available during the camps to ensure everything runs smoothly. We are NOT accepting walk-in registrations or questions. 


Q: Are there summer camps/classes running?
A: Yes! We are offering camps and classes this summer. The majority of camps and classes are happening in July and August. We have a wide range of camps from roller skating to cooking to tech to woodworking. There will be a few adult classes this summer. Please refer to the online catalog for more information. 


Q: Can I still register for summer camps/classes?
A: Yes! You can register for summer camps/classes online, by mail, phone (406.268.3734), or by email ( We are NOT accepting walk-in registrations.


Q: What safety precautions are you taking for the camps/classes?
A: We are following safety precautions to help keep you, your child, and our instructors safe. The College and Lifelong Learning follows the guidelines and recommendations from the state and local officials. These may change at any time. 
* Class size - We have limited the number of students allowed in camps and classes.

* Social Distancing - In computer camps, computers have been removed to allow for social distancing to occur. Class sizes have been limited. We are offering camps/classes in bigger rooms. People are asked to social distance and not to work in pairs when applicable.  

* Masks - We highly encourage you or your child to wear a mask in all of our camps/classes. Most of these are indoors and last for an hour or more. Please bring your own mask to class or we will have disposable ones available.  

* Hand Sanitizer - All rooms will have hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes. Everyone is encouraged to wipe down their areas and the College will be cleaning class rooms after each use. Feel free to bring your own sanitizer to use.  

* Materials - Unless materials are provided, please bring your own pens and notebooks. This will cut down on sharing items. Instructors will pack in/out their own markers and other necessary items.  

* Hand Washing - We all know to wash our hands after using the restroom, so please make sure to do this and remind your children. 

* Feeling Ill - If you or your child feels ill, do NOT come to class. If you child starts feeling ill during a camp, you will be contacted to pick them up. 


Q: Where can I find information about camps/classes?

A: The catalog can be found online at:
Or click on one of the following flyers for information. BLACK ROCKET CAMPS, OTHER SUMMER CAMPS, ADULT CLASSES


Q: Has your refund policy changed?
A: Yes! You can now cancel any registration one working day before a class/camp starts to receive a full refund or credit. 


Q: Will there be fall Lifelong Learning classes?
A: Yes! The catalog will be out at the beginning of August and the online catalog will be updated at this time. We hope to see you in one of our fall classes. 


Q: I am looking for ways to continue Lifelong Learning online. Do you have any options?
A: Yes! We partner with Ed2Go to offer online classes in a wide range of areas. To see all of the classes visit:


Q: What if I am taking classes for credit? Does this apply to me?
A: If you are in a credit program, please consult the FAQs page at: