Lifelong Learning during COVID-19 FAQs


Q: Are you canceling classes?

A: Yes. All spring classes have been canceled or rescheduled to summer. Some canceled classes may be offered in the fall.


Q: Will I receive a refund for my canceled class?

A: We are working with all of Lifelong Learning students to provide either a refund or credit to your account. If you were in Yoga or Tai Chi classes, then a pro-rated credit will be provided.


Q: How will I find out about my refund/credit?

A: Lifelong Learning is working to contact all students by email or phone to let them know about their classes. If you have any questions, please call 406-268-3734 to inquire or let us know how you would like to proceed.


Q: What if my class has been rescheduled to summer?

A: You will be provided the option to keep your registration and attend the summer class. Or receive a refund/credit. Please work with our office to let us know what you would like to do. Call 406-268-3734.


Q: Are you taking any registrations?

A: At this time, we have halted taking all registrations for spring.


Q: Will you be offering summer classes/camps?

A: At this time, Lifelong Learning is still planning on offering summer camps for kids and summer classes for adults. However, since the situation is fluid this could change. We are hoping to have the summer catalog out around April 15, but since this is distributed in the schools, we may postpone it. Please check back with Lifelong Learning in a month.


Q: Is Lifelong Learning closed?

A:  Yes. Starting Friday, March 20, the Center for Lifelong Learning will be closed to the public. We will still be available by email and phone. Feel free to call 406.268.3734 or email anyone on the LLL team. 


Q: I am looking for ways to continue Lifelong Learning while quarantined or working from home. Do you have any options?

A: Yes! We partner with Ed2Go to offer online classes in a wide range of areas. To see all of the classes visit:


Q: What if I am taking classes for credit? Does this apply to me?

A: If you are in a credit program, please consult the FAQs page at: