Lifelong Learning has gone through so many changes over the years. It has been a standalone department (Outreach), part of Community Relations, part of Workforce Development and perhaps even other areas. Nevertheless, it has always been here to serve our community. It is a strong part of our mission and it is a foundation of all community colleges. As the mission of the College has changed, Lifelong Learning has also changed.

What has remained consistent is being here for our students and the community. Lifelong Learning allows our community to be educated in courses that are outside of our academic areas. We inspire our students/community to learn a new skill, hobby, network and learn throughout their lives. Learning doesn’t stop with a degree – our students span the generations from our Kids College to our Senior Academy and everything in between.

Lifelong Learning is a place to pilot classes and programs. We offer the ability to try out new things to see if they will work. In the past, we have worked to bring health records, welding, phlebotomy, pharmacist assistant and other programs to the college. In addition, we try new community enrichment and professional development courses – as new trends appear, we can be nimble and offer instruction for the community.

The Center for Lifelong Learning is also where businesses and organizations can come for customized training. We can offer training from computer skills to welding to healthcare and everything in between. We listen to the needs of the business and we design a training specific to those needs.

While we may offer the ‘fun’ classes, what we offer is so much more – a connection. The entire community, not just someone interested in a degree, are our students and our instructors. We employ people from various industries to teach for Lifelong Learning and to share their passions and experiences.

We look forward to seeing you in one of our many classes!